Friday, September 28, 2007

The "Goings On"

Hello everyone,
We are very sorry that we have not been been keeping you updated on the recent "goings on" in the Pollock family, but as you will soon see, we have been VERY busy. So I will try my best to briefly cover all of what we have been doing.
Enjoy the pix,


We were honored with a visit from the Stricklen family. The parents went out while the kids had sweet fellowship and V........l. Wonder what that could be??

The New Tractor

We got a new tractor for the garden we are planting, our hay business and many other things.

Um, that spike is for HAY!?!?!??

Gabriel takes James, Mary and our cousin, Matt, for a ride on the new tractor.

All of us get to take a ride, too.

Jordan and momma.

Liv gets a turn at the wheel.

Speech Masters (that night)

Hannah Sykes.

Liv making some muffins.

Mr. Graves speaking.

Benjamin and James.

Victor and Sam hold the flag while we say the Pledge of Allegience

Mrs Stokes (the Hostess) and Liv Smile for the camera.

Mr. Sykes and Thomas

Emily and Sarah

"Wettin our Whistles" after all those speeches

MORE TO COME............