Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Garden

To the Sykes, Graves, Dischers, Stricklens, Millers, Frodges, Doolins, Stokes, Pollock children, we just want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for sooo much hard work!! Every one of you young people are incredible!! Parents, you should be VERY proud of your children. They are MIGHTY arrows for our LORD and diligently worked so hard for MANY LONG hours and NEVER once complained. Thank you to all of you. When we got the gentle rain after all the work was done, we felt like GOD saying, "I will bless your efforts"
We love you and are sooooo proud of you!!

Mr. & Mrs. Pollock

First things First. The fence must be put up so that the cows will not destroy the garden before it is harvested.

Working on the fence.

Ben is just fed up with Gabriel and starts swinging the post at him...Gabriel quickly grabs a post to defend himself. (not really, but it sounded good)

THIS is why we need a fence

Liv's "Art"

The Fence is finished and the Garden is ready for planting!!

Ahhh. The end to a VERY busy day. What a sunset!!

Uncle Jim came to see the 2nd new/old tractor for the GARDEN project.
The Cultivator

On Saturday Morning Kitty and Sarah Discher came over to help us Fertilize the squash garden. (THANK Y'ALL SO MUCH FOR THE HELP)

Enjoy the pics.

The Beautiful garden.

The Sykes family also helped with the fertilizing.

Ariana and Sarah walking back to get some more fertilizer.

Livy and Kitty.


Mr. Sykes giving the little Kids a ride.

We had to replace the tractor battery with a new one. So every one was without a job for a while.

The mud men

The Shadow People

Everyone waiting for some more rows to fertilize.

Jordan making more rows.

Jonathan working hard.

And now it is time to head home.

Another perfect ending to another busy day!!

On Monday Morning it was time to plant:)

RG & Jordan Seeding. RUN, Jordan!!

Sam & Matthew

Team Planting

Going down to start a new row.



Having Fun Together

Boys taking a break



Picking up Trash

Soaked and Satisfied

Too Much Sun!!!

"Colgate" commercial

"Jam Session" after a hard days work

Still have energy as long as we're together

A little visit to "Sallies" after a long day makes one feel refreshed

You would never know that these were the same ladies from earlier in the day

Thank you LORD !!! How Majestic is your name !!


Anonymous said...

Love, Love, Love the pictures. What a good time it looks like you're having.

Love and Miss you,
The Lains