Monday, September 3, 2007

Another Great Day

Howdy Folks!

On Friday, We(Daddy, Gabriel, Jordan, Micheal, Ariana, Christiana, Thomas, Jonathan and James) went over to Orlando to Sheplers and Bass Pro Shops.

With Gabriel at the wheel, We head to Orlando!

Jonathan is SO excited about going!!! He has been waiting all day to
go to Bass Pro Shops!!

Cousins enjoying the ride

Thomas is excited too, but not as excited as Johnny!!

And We've made it!!

The relaxed rodeo rider

You might not want to see what's about to happen !!

This way, NO this way!!!

Yeehaw, life's just good

Are you talkin ta me?!?!??!

Looks like a long time ago, but we just took it yesterday, ha ha

Cowboy Art

Just like his big brother

Starring.....Christiana !!!

Goodbye Sheplers,

Hello Bass Pro Shops
Everybody excited BEFORE the "Big Rip-Off"

Just a poor, innocent shopper

They just found out that the bullets they thought were on sale, weren't!!

Why is this picture here??

Victorious warriors coming back from the battle.

We couldn't beleive Bass Pro would do us this way!!

All good thing must come to an end,
So back to Lakeland it is!

Saturday The Guys(Daddy, Gabriel, Michael and Jordan) head
Over to Alturas to celebrate Daniel's Birthday!

Ready, Aim, FIRE

The line of people awaiting their turn.

CJ, our professional skeet thrower

Mr. Stricklen stuck with doing all the work, AGAIN.

Thankyou, Mr. Stricklen, for all your efforts. It was a great time!!

The boys ready to blast some skeet

Now, this is a real mans party!!!

Hey it the birthday boy!


Alas, I have found another fellow photographer!!!

Monday we had the Graves over for Labor Day!!!
Lots of Food, Fellowship, and of course ValleyBall!!

Howdy Jess

Anna, Libby, and Mary
Having lots of fun!

Java Momma and Decaf Momma enjoying one anothers Company!

Taste testers.

Our Toothpaste commercial!!

Well folks, it's time once again to say good bye.

God Bless ya'll

The Pollock family