Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hay, Hay, and more Hay

Hello People of America!!!!

The Pollock family reporting live from Kathleen Florida!!!

Another hot week Folks!!!! But we still push on, rain or shine!!


These last few days we've been moving alot of hay!!!!

Loading up!

Yellow and Green make a great tractor!!

Tada!!! Our first load!!!!

And the wall came tumbling DOWN!!

The Loader came in VERY handy!!


Gabriel is excited about the hay!!!!

Hey you, smile for the camera!
James having fun on the hay!

A fair maiden amongst the hay.


WATCH OUT, we're on the road!!!!

On our last load for the day we're leaving Lakeland and heading over to drop off some hay for Mr. Frodge!!!

Without the loader, we have to do it the hard way!


The ground crew

Many hands make lite work!!!

Two girls happy to be together!!!

Gabriel and Peter enjoying each others company.....Emma enjoys Gabriel's phone!!!!

James is happy to finally get some dessert

Say cheese!!!!

The girls....and James
And the Boys

Sarah and Ariana
Well, once again the sun has set, and the Pollock family says Good Bye!!!

Hope you have enjoyed our hay day!!!!!
Until next time...


Monday, August 27, 2007

The howdy doody post!!

Another week of fun and excitment has passed.
We have been busy catching up with our school, working, and having Extremely late night slumber partys ( I still haven't figured out exactly why they are called slumber partys when most of the time you are NOT slumbering.)Well I am not very good at figuring out what to say at the beginning of posts, so I guess I'll just get to the pictures. Enjoy.

Yours Truly,
The L from LCF.

A great way to start off the week:)

Ok, sorry Gabriel I just had to put this one on here. While Gabriel was sleeping on the couch, Ariana put the baby doll in his arms and started taking pictures (It just looks like it belongs there):) I thought it was Funny!
I am Sooo excited about doing school!!
I'm going to huff and puff and blow your house in!!!
Ariana the only normal student.

Me and Christiana experimenting with the self timer on the camera.
Self shot:)
Gabriel, after finding out what we did to him while he was asleep.
That night the Graves family came over to pick up Sam from work, we had dessert.(apple pie.)
Sam eating his Pie.

WOW!! What is it?? (cousin IT after a hair cut)
The LittlesOOOPPPSSS!! Caught in the act of Pie Snitching.
The new and improved Layered hairstyle:)

And the sleepover, I mean awakeover, begins:) Our wonderful hostess , Mrs. Stokes:)

Wow, we can already tell this is going to be an intresting night.
As we start a game of scattagories, Me and Jess happily volunteer to be time keepers and dice rollers:)

Mrs. Stokes and Mrs. Graves Happy (I think) about their answers.

Ariana happily taking pictures of everyone.

The NOSE knows how sweet it is!!

The onlookers. (Little does Momma know that she's about to get a downpour:)
Another Great ending to a Great week:)

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Partys, partys and or partys

Howdy folks,

Well, the Pollocks are finally posting again!!!
There's been Lot's of Party's, Birthdays, Party's.....
So sit back and enjoy the many pictures!!!!


Happy Birthday Callie!!!

Our first party was Callie's 16th B-day tea!!!

The era was 1930-40's!!!

The Birthday Girl!!!

Markie and Abby having a grand time!!

Kitty playing peek-a-boo

Callie and Rachel pose for a picture!!!

Three Lovely Girls!!!

Smile for the camera

The Lord blessed us with perfect weather!!!!

Christiana and Sarah enjoying each others company!!

Christiana, Mary, Rachel, Sarah and I.

Best friends!!!

Mamma and Mrs. Graves

Baby Emma and her party dress!!!!

Being silly in the kitchen after the party!!

Great Friends!!!

Ahhhh!! So refreshing!!

And of course no party would be right with out a few games of VolleyBall!!!

On Friday we were invited to the Graves to celebrate Ben's 13th Birthday!!

And Of course we played Volleyball!!!!!

Emmajane got bored with the conversation and decided to have some cake!!!!

A couple of weirdo's!!!!!

Another one!!

The famous game that everyone loves!!!! Volleyball!!!!

Sweet girls

Mr. Stricklen showing us his new ballet move.

"Do I have to eat all this cake?" "If you don't want it, I'll take it."

3 2 1 Blast off!!

Hannah enjoying the party